• We have an easy way to make a great-looking custom contact form for your website.

  • It’s a simple and secure way to allow your connections and customers to contact you.

  • Collect contact details, comments, and opinions with minimum of effort.

Even with a simple form, you’re going to ask for nameemail address, and leave space for a message from the respondent. Today we move beyond basic.

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2. If you want to use our contact form to generate leads for your own site, reach out and schedule a call.

A contact form is the first thing people will use to contact you, whether the form is embedded in your site or reached via a direct link on your email signature. 

Several factors play into the reason someone might want to reach you.

  1. Indicate initial levels of interest
  2. Receive specific information about a product/service
  3. Revenue-generating activities

For this reason, you'll want to differentiate the questions you ask based on your company and how the information will be used. 

Realtor - You may need to know the Zip Code, contact information, buyer preferences, financing capability, and indication of urgency.

Lender - You may need to know Zip Code, contact information, product-market-fit indicators, and an idea of qualification status.

Contractor - You may need to know Zip Code, contact information, timeline, scope, financing capability, and indication of urgency.

Investor - You may need to know contact information, financing capability, and ability to schedule a follow-up call immediately.

Equally as important as the contact form is the ability to route the necessary information to internal parties to follow up quickly. When you reach out, we will help you evaluate:

  • What information you need on the form
    • Types of questions/information required
  • Where you would like information to be sent
    • Email, spreadsheets, autoresponders
  • Tips on how to increase form submissions on your site
    • Tracking, analytics, and optimization

It’s easy to embed our forms wherever you want. You can integrate your form with services like MailchimpZendesk and Bootstrap, Zapier, SquareSpace, WordPress, or custom - so your database of contacts is automatically updated. 

We can work with you, your developer, or your marketing team to ensure your contact forms are not hindering your sales efforts.

See sample below

Once you reach out we'll review your website to your website to optimize it . Once the code is installed on your site, you will be able to:

  • Add the form to your website 
  • Add the form to your email signature 
  • Add the form on social media

Collect email addresses, drive traffic to a landing page, or build your social following whenever anyone visits your site. 

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