Step-by-step instructions to finance your next project

Step 1 - Sign up 

This is where it all begins. When you reach out, one of our loan specialists will connect with you to set up your profile and collect initial information about the loan scenarios involved with your project.

Step 2 - Establish rate 

As a kickstart to the loan process, we'll help you identify rates within your range to help you move forward with our sole priority to help you identify and remove barriers to capital accessibility.

Step 3 - Submit Project

We'll start by uploading some of the required documents for you, saving you time and energy. We'll need things like your vendor list, assets, debt expenses, and project history.

Step 4 - Complete Application

 After you complete your appraisal (if required) and confirm your close date, we'll give you the terms of your loan and a breakdown of all of the costs associated. Then we will finalize your interest rate.

Step 5 - Close Your Deal

Depending on your strategy, we may work with you once or establish an ongoing relationship. As a client, you're in trusted hands with nationwide renovation advisors to help you reach your goals.