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Renovation Resource Capital

We provide financing for short-term investor, business purpose loans for fix and flip, fix and hold, purchase/refinance strategies.
— Rob Moore

What are the characteristics of this short-term investor loan?

  • 6 to 12+ month loan terms
  • First Liens only
  • 70% loan-to-value for bridge, 80% loan-to-cost for renovation
  • Loan size between $75K and $1.5MM
  • Interest only
  • Non-owner-occupied business purpose
  • Disbursement schedule for funding to facilitate Rehab activities, if rehab is funded by Renovation loan

What are the borrower requirements?

  • Loans to business entities (including sole proprietorships)
  • 620 minimum credit score (middle score) with fraud check included
  • Documented liquidity to support, down payment, repairs (borrower funded) if applicable and 2 months payment reserves
  • Personal guarantees required for all principals with ownership > 50% for all entities
  • Experience level must be documented and can affect pricing and LTV Minimum 1 completed project for qualification Minimum 10 completed projects for max Loan to values on exception bases

What are the collateral requirements?

  • Residential properties (SFR, 1-4F, Condo, Townhomes, PUDs, or Fee simple only) Property must have or have had a certificate of occupancy Hazard insurance required, flood insurance if applicable. 
  • No Rural properties classified as operational or as businesses, manufactured homes, geodesic domes, cooperatives, or log cabins


Rehab Loan: Property / Project Documentation Requirements

Exterior Pictures of Property

Renovation Budget with Scope of work

Purchase and Sales Contract if applicable

Hazard Insurance information

Flood Insurance if applicable

General Contractor License, Bond, and Liability (If using Contractor)

Driver’s license or state issued ID

Personal Financial Statement

Asset Documentation (Bank/ Asset Statement)



Bridge Loan: Property / Project Documentation Requirements

Exterior Pictures of Property

Purchase and Sales Contract if Applicable

Hazard Insurance Information

Flood Insurance if Applicable

Driver’s license or state issued ID

Personal Financial Statement

Asset Documentation (Bank/ Asset Statement)

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3 Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Complete Documents


  1. 3.2 File (EnCompass)
  2. Tri-Merge Credit 
  3. Track Record
  4. Personal Financial Statement
  5. Budget Breakdown
  6. Submission Form

Step 2: Upload

Once you've completed your borrower documentation, the next step is submit your loan for approval.

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Step 3: Follow-up

You're in the clear - reach out if you have any questions. You will be contacted soon. 



We fund fast so you can flip faster

With an "all-in-one" loan with Renovation Resource Capital, you can refinance a home and renovate it, all in one transaction:

One application

One closing

One monthly payment


By the numbers

We serve the modern borrower to help them safely navigate the industry's changing rules and regulations.

Our clientele of accredited investors buys shares of real property such as office buildings, apartment buildings and retail centers. We provide investors with tools to consider opportunities, conduct due diligence, and invest.



Billion Dollars of
Investable Assets



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Our Programs

Renovation Resource Capital by Academy Mortgage serves real estate investors who buy residential property to fix and flip. 

Because we provide capital in an otherwise underserved market, we are able to develop our own infrastructure and create our own risk models to determine creditworthiness of borrowers and originate mortgages. 



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